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an anime character's body is shown with the words, the lore of lightning
The Lore of Lightning
The Lore of Lightning focuses on creating electric potentials and controlling electrons. Electrons act predictably and the techniques used to summon this type of energy are complicated and need to be reproduced perfectly, the same way, every time. Those that can learn and execute these techniques flawlessly will see the efficiency and potency of their spells increased. #sagaofanewworld #magic #magiceffect #magiceffects #lightning #spells #spellwork #dndmagic #dnd #effects #electricity #damage #transmutation #chilled #frozen #electromagnitism #disintegration #lightningdamage
the dragon's rise concept art
VFX Art Winners Interview — Dragon’s Rise: The Forgotten Realms  - ArtStation Magazine
the dragon's rise movie poster is shown in blue and black colors, with water swirling around it
Mizuchi Shield - Dragon's Rise I, Jeanluc Kol
a woman sitting on top of a fireball in front of a blue sky with clouds
The Legend of Korra gets a gorgeous limited edition Blu-ray set
a cartoon character with an evil look on his face and arms, standing in front of flames
Amazing Artworks Collection of Aang | Naldz Graphics