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sushi rolls cut in half and placed on top of each other with different patterns
laser cut nori seaweed sheets for sushi rolls. (not sure if I should file this under graphic design or food)?? either way, looks good.
an egg carton with six eggs in it, and one is open to show the inside
Egg box
Eierkarton in moderner Form; Garten.
three business cards with different designs on them, one is yellow and the other is white
Cleverly Designed Packaging Makes Pasta Look Like Gorgeous Hair
Sehr lustig. Mehr
a beer bottle with the name bier on it and an empty label in front
BIER – Geschmack braucht keinen Namen
the packaging design is designed to look like it has been wrapped in plastic and red ribbon
Creative T-shirt packaging Design Examples
the man is holding two large cardboards in his hands
what's inside this #packaging ? : ) PD
the packaging design is designed to look like a paper bag
CAP&Design - Nordens största tidning om grafisk kommunikation.
Washing powder #packaging designed to create a scoop.
two bottles are wrapped in brown paper and one is pink, green and blue with the word litros printed on it
20 of the Most Creative Beer Packaging Designs Ever
litros packaging.
many different types of surfboards on display
51d428379069c a grouped image for pinterest
Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat | #food #packaging #design by Rice Creative.
several different types of paper with red and white designs on them, all lined up in rows
Packaging, Logos, Chocolate Packaging, Chocolate, and Label Design image inspiration on Designspiration
Chocolats Favoris Logo and Packaging
three boxes with dogs on them and one has toothbrushes in the shape of teeth
52 Examples Of Eye-Popping Packaging Designs – Bashooka
This packaging design is amazing to me. It's already fun to look at and catches your eye, but how it's able to use the product as a part of it's display is just clever. The black and white colors are also nice. I feel too much color would have made the overall packaging overbearing.
several different types of paintbrushes and brushes laid out on top of each other
mtg | Meeting Logistics
A veces la diferencia entre hacerlo mediocre o hacerlo bien sólo radica en darle al coco un rato más, no tiene un coste económico superior.
a yellow canister with some crackers in it
Concept Branding and Packaging: 'Beehive Honey Squares' - Logo-Designer.co
Concept Branding and Packaging: ‘Beehive Honey Squares’
two wrapped gift boxes with yellow ribbon and black and white designs on them, one has a lightning symbol
Printable Present Paper
Printable Wrapping Paper