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an anime character sitting on the ground surrounded by other characters and animals in front of them
ピーニャまとめ③ | キザミズミ
Giacomo and his Pokémon
an anime scene with two different characters
わんぱく坊や on Twitter
three people standing around a desk with one person laying on the ground and another sitting down
川 (@river__xx__) on X
an anime character sitting on top of a chair next to another character with green hair
魂カーニバル (@R_botamochi) on X
an image of a man sitting in bed with stuffed animals on his lap and holding a teddy bear
ㅁ on Twitter
“출시 못 기다리고 미친듯이 퍼먹기”
an anime character with green hair and blue eyes wearing a black uniform, holding his hands on his head
るる on Twitter