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an old rusted metal fence on the beach
a metal bird head mounted to the side of a wall
coole schrottkunst #Scrapmetalart , #coole #schrottkunst #scrapmetalart
a metal figurine that looks like a bird with long black feathers on it's head
Gilbert Legrand – Sculptures #”metalartdiy” - Alles über den Garten
Gilbert Legrand - Sculptures #”metalartdiy” Gilbert Legrand - Sculptures #”metalartdiy”
an orange teapot with black dots on it
morgan contemporary glass gallery - Images for Pamela MacGregor - Not Just a Rusty Bucket
Nice! Pamela MacGregor
an orange and black hat is on the white surface with red string attached to it
Felt Gallery
Janet Thomas
a blue rug is on the floor in an empty room
Wasser (der Tropfen)
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall hanging
Contemporary Felted Wool Wall Hanging
felted horned hat
Nuno Felt Gallery | Nuno Felted Scarves, Wraps, Hats
felted horned hat
a white stuffed animal laying on top of a black surface with it's eyes closed
there is a vase with some plants in it on the table next to a window
Margarita Khalturina
Margarita Khalturina and Natalya Igatyeva. Felt sculpture.