Il colore è poesia dell'anima
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the sun is setting over the ocean with waves crashing in front of it and dark clouds
Piece full.
a blue wax seal with the words why so blue?
why so blue?
an alley way with blue walls and white buildings
Questa antica città marocchina è completamente dipinta di blu
Chefchaouen, città marocchina completamente dipinta di blu
a white flower in a blue vase on a blue table top, with the reflection of it's center
Inspiring Photo: ~~~~~~ #3354085
a water drop falling into a blue bowl
Blue Drop by Steve Gadomski
I Like It Natural And Pure...Always In The Country !...
a lit candle in the dark with blue light coming from it's top and bottom
whenever there is a need for prayer... a blue candle is lit.
three blue vases sitting next to each other
blue glass picture, by friiskiwi for: monochromatic photography contest
Blue glass....New Zealand