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the stairs are covered in mossy rocks and trees with leaves on them, as if they were falling down
La Verna (AR) by Giuseppe Peppoloni / 500px
La Verna, Toskana, Italien
a wooden dock sitting on top of a lake next to a small town with mountains in the background
Panoramio is no longer available
Isola San Giulio,Lake Orta, Piemonte, Italy
the sun is setting over some mountains and water
Lake Walensee, Switzerland
an old town with mountains in the background and people sitting at tables under umbrellas
Gruyère Switzerland
a tent pitched up in the snow at night
wordlessTech | The future today in our amazing world
Night Embrace. Parc national des Écrins. Image credit: Roberto Bertero
a stream running through a rocky landscape with snow covered mountains in the background at sunset
Ice Age
Gran Paradiso by Sorin Rechitan, Gran Paradiso National Park, Piemonte region Italy
a bridge over a small river in a canyon
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Au coeur des gorges du fier Le Fier est l’une des principales rivières de la Haute-Savoie. A 10 Km d’Annecy, il a creusé l’un des plus grandioses phénomènes d’érosion par les eaux courantes, les Gorges du Fier, classées parmi les plus grandes curiosités des Alpes.
people standing on a bridge over a river
Le pont du diable à Thueyts - Ardèche, Drôme
Ardèche-Drôme > Ardèche > Cévenne ardéchoise et haute vallée de l'Ardèche > Thueyts > Ponts du diable
a river flowing through a lush green forest covered hillside under a cloudy blue sky with white puffy clouds
camping Gorges du Chassezac campings Ardeche
Gorges du Chassezac - Ardèche in France
two people are standing on a bridge that is high in the water and waves crash around them
Rhine Falls - Wikipedia
Rhine Falls, Cantons Schaffhausen & Zürich, CH Require an incredibly place to stay in Zurich Switzerland ? Look up our Guest-House and flat.
the water is rushing over rocks in the river and there are many trees around it
Rhine Falls, Switzerland
a man and his dog are sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking a valley
87 198 - Route de Combe Laval
~ Route de Combe Laval, St. Jean, Rhone-Alpes, France~
a very tall rock with a small window on it
Visit Mont Blanc, France
Mont Blanc mountain is the highest point in #France. It is also the highest mountain in the Alps, no only, bust also in the whole of Western Europe.
a river running through a small town next to tall buildings with flowers growing on them
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Annecy, France ... "Venice of the Alps"
a city with lots of tall buildings on top of it's hill next to the ocean
Marseille, France