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a person is walking on the beach at sunset
City of Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA
a flag on top of a mountain in the snow
Rothorn Mountain, Lenzerheide, Switzerland ( 2899 Meters high Parpaner Rothorn)
a snow covered mountain with houses in the foreground and trees on the far side
quentin de briey | lenzerheide, switzerland
many people are walking around in the city
Streets of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
an old library with ladders and bookshelves full of books on the shelves
National Library, Vienna, Austria (doesn't it look like the library in beauty and the beast?)
the inside of a church with an ornate alter and stained glass window on the ceiling
Karlskirche, Vienna
an old building with many lights hanging from it's ceiling and stone arches over the walkway
Vienna Rathaus, Austria
Vienna Rathaus, Austria. The Rathaus serves as the seat of both the mayor and city council of the city of Vienna.
an image of a pathway that is covered in leaves
Autumn in Schönbrunn
At Schönbrunn Palace - Vienna, Austria
two dogs playing with each other on the ground, one has its mouth open and another has it's tongue out
Dead comes to life
a large building sitting on top of a lake next to a tall tower with spires
a statue on the side of a stone wall with trees and water in the background
the christmas market is lit up at night
Erfurt Germany Christmas Markt
the sun is setting over an old village by the ocean with boats in the water
Mallorca, Spain
an old building on the side of a mountain with trees and mountains in the background
Lake Maggiore, Italy