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an old typewriter has been altered to look like it is being used as a font
Irina Kopytina — London, UK
the letter a is made up of many small letters in black and white, including words that appear to be smaller than those
john maeda interview
several different types of dots are shown in this graphic art work, which includes black and white
#7 Experimentation: Halftone & words
a poster with many different types of letters and numbers in various colors, shapes and sizes
韩国当红设计组合——Eunjoo Hong & Hyungjae Kim
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Zuzanna Rogatty
Zuzanna Rogatty
a black and white poster with letters on it
Graphic Deconstruction 1
Graphic Deconstruction 1 by Daniel H. Cantwell, via Behance
Graphic Poster, Poster, Typo Poster
A Sign of the Times
an image of some type of art on a red background
Growing Poster
an image of some green plants in the dark and on top of each other,
Micro type
(2011-08) N
an image of red and blue squares in the same color as they appear to be pixelated