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a painting of a bull's head with blood dripping from its eyes on a blue background
a black and white drawing of a tree in the middle of a street with buildings on both sides
Urban Sketch, Auersbergstrasse-Vienna by Karl Seitinger
Karl Seitinger, Urban Sketch, Auersbergstrasse-Vienna on ArtStack #karl-seitinger #art
the shadow of a window on a wall with wrought iron railings in front of it
Night Time Reflections by Karl Seitinger
Karl Seitinger, Night Time Reflections on ArtStack #karl-seitinger #art
several antlers are stacked on top of each other in front of a large building
Sylvia Kummer, Rose von Jericho, Vienna, Stefansplatz, Photo by Karl Seitinger 2013
a white building with a gold dome on top and two stories above it, against a cloudy blue sky
The secession building at Vienna, built in 1897 by Joseph Maria Olbrich for exhibitions of the secession group. Photography by Karl Seitinger 2014
there are many vases on display in the window
Schaufenster by Karl Seitinger
Schaufenster by Karl Seitinger
the window is lit up in the dark by the light coming from it's windows
Karl Seitinger - Windows
Karl Seitinger - Windows, Otto Wagner, U-6 Vienna, Alserstrasse, Photography by Karl Seitinger 2013
an arch with black and white lines on the wall next to a brick structure that has been constructed into it
Vienna Streets - Photography by Karl Seitinger 2012
two windows are shown on the side of a building
Karl Seitinger - Windows
Windows by Karl Seitinger
black and white photograph of a man riding in a horse drawn carriage on the street
Karl Seitinger - untitled
Untitled by Karl Seitinger, 2013
a horse drawn carriage sitting on top of a sidewalk
Karl Seitinger - Wheels
Karl Seitinger - Wheels Photography by Karl Seitinger 2013
a black and white photo of an empty restaurant
Karl Seitinger - Wiener Kaffeehaus (Viennese coffee house)
Karl Seitinger - Wiener Kaffeehaus (Viennese coffee house) Photography by Karl Seitinger, 2013
an old building with vines growing on the wall and light hanging from it's side
Karl Seitinger - Melancholy Vienna
Melancholy Vienna - Photography by Karl Seitinger
an old building with many windows and balconies on the top floor is decorated in floral designs
Majolikahaus, Vienna . Constructed by Otto Wagner in the "Vienna Jugendstil" 1898 - 99 , Photography by Karl Seitinger 2011