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three different views of the inside and outside of a building with multiple floors, windows, and
House Plan CH285
House Plan with four bedrooms./ By Concept homes
an ornately decorated room with many windows
Natural Area Rugs
This one's my favourite! Almas building / Golestan palace / Tehran #Iran
a large mural on the side of a building with pink roses painted all over it
Marjan Kabood
Marjan Kabood پله هاي خيابان ولي عصر نرسيده به توانير 6 آذر 92 step in street tehran. iran
a spiral staircase in a library with bookshelves
Library in Florence, Italy
Library in Florence, Italy #neverhaveiever walked up such a beautiful staircase in a library
an unusual house in the middle of some trees and bushes, with a circular entrance
Wilkinson Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect
Wilkinson Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect
an image of a church on top of a hill
Moscovia Church, Jerusalem - Built by the Russian Orthodox Church at the end of the 19th century.
an unusual house made out of bamboo sticks
Bamboo Treehouse In Bali
four different views of the exterior of a building at night, with lights on and inside
Float House by Pitsou Kedem architects - If It's Hip, It's Here
The Phenomenal Float House.
an abstract marble pattern with gold and silver lines in the center, on top of a white background
The Week with Lonny: Decorating with Pastels, Wayfair’s Hot New Shopping Site, and Kelly Wearstler Takes Paris By Storm…
an old building with arched windows and stone flooring
So sad to see beautiful buildings abandoned and decaying
an entryway with black doors and white trim on the walls, wood floors and rugs
Dream Home: Copy Cat Chic
an old stone building with potted plants and flowers on the windowsill, in front of a red door
Ancient House, Assisi, Italy photo via misshurry
a very tall building in the middle of a city with lots of buildings around it
Blog not found
The Al Hamra Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait
the new york gehry - frank gehry building is shown in this image
New York by Gehry: Tallest Residential Tower in Western Hemisphere
Frank Gehry | Wonderful Places