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a bottle of wine sitting next to a box
Highlo | Brand Studio
Private Label design for Old Town Cellars (Park City UT). Designed by Highly Designs. We LOVE this bottle and series. We created this bottle as one design of a four part series. We designed all of the bottles to be illustrative of the seasons activities and colors found throughout Utah. This one depicts skiers as they summit Mt. Superior. #wine #wine #packaging
a bottle of extra virgin olive oil on a white background with the label in italian
Accueil - Fred de la compta
tiquettoo.com-etiquettes adhésives-impression étiquettes-ETIQUETTOO.com -etiquettes adhesives-LYON-VALENCE-DROME-ARDECHE-RHONE-ALPES-FRANCE- etiquette valence-etiquette lyon-etiquettes-etiquettoo.COM-etiquettes france-etiquettes valence -etiquettes rhone -alpes
three bottles of wine are shown in this graphic art style, each with a unique label design
Kreative Strichcodes – Nicht nur was für Alu-Hut-Träger
several different types of black and white paper with lines on them, including one in the middle
The Elements Series (Student Project)
a bottle of wine with a tree on the top and leaves on the bottom, in front of a white background
Jaspi Blanc
a little gold leaf goes a long way
a bottle of wine with a label on it sitting on a gray surface, in front of a grey background
Lansdowne Vineyard
Lansdowne Vineyard Designed by Tass Gyenes #winebrands
a bottle of wine that is on a white surface with a gold cap and label
#Prosecco di #Treviso - Colli del Soligo
three different shots of various bottles on a table with the same color and size as well
A Range Of Labels That Materializes The Historical Heritage Of Quinta Da Rede - World Brand Design Society
M&A Creative Agency - Rede #wine / Submit: worldpackagingdesign.com/submit / World Brand Design Society
three bottles of wine sitting next to each other
Weingut Alter Berg, Tegerfelden
three bottles of wine with labels on them
Account Suspended
Well designed #wine #labels tree fun : ) PD
several different types of electronic devices are stacked on top of each other in the same row
Dotted Grid Wines
Dotted Grid Wines more #wine #packaging love : ) PD
an assortment of different types of skateboards with labels on the top and bottom half
New Packaging for Pepe Raventós Natural Wines by Mucho — BP&O... - a grouped images picture
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a wooden table
One of my favorite wines of all time.