We are gin lovers! But gin and tonic isn't the only name of the game, plenty of great gin cocktails here!
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the best angel face only uses 3 simple ingredients to make an angel - shaped cocktail
Angel Face
Flavors of apricot and apple brandy combine perfectly with botanical gin for the perfectly balanced Angel Face cocktail. With just three ingredients, you will love this elegant cocktail.
the best moscow mule with gin only uses 5 simple ingredients
Moscow Mule with Gin
This moscow mule with gin recipe combines good old fashioned gin with ginger beer, the famous spicy ingredient in your favorite Moscow Mule recipe.
the best hanky panky only uses 3 simple ingredients
Hanky Panky
The Hanky Panky is a sweet gin martini known for its charming and bittersweet flavor. Starring Fernet-Branca, its intriguing flavor combines with gin and sweet vermouth to create a cocktail that you must try.
a gin cocktail with cranberry garnish in it and the words, aviation cocktail
Aviation Cocktail
The Aviation Cocktail is a classic gin cocktail that is beautiful in both appearance and flavor. Featuring Crème de Violette, both the bright violet hue and floral taste are stunning! The combination of gin, lemon juice, violets, and cherry is unique and delightful.
a gin cocktail with blackberries and lemons on the rim text reads, bramble make with 4 ingredients
The Bramble is a simple and charming gin cocktail that is the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and refreshing.
the classic boulevardr cocktail is served in glasses with orange slices and garnish
A variation of the classic Negroni, the Boulevardier cocktail swaps bourbon for gin and has no trouble holding its own. While the swap of spirits is simple, the flavor is anything but! Combining a good dose of bourbon with vermouth and Campari, the exclusive bond of sweet and bitter will take you right to Paris in the 1920s. This recipe is perfect for autumn or winter evenings and will warm you right up
two glasses filled with gin fizz sitting on top of a counter
Cranberry Gin Fizz
Add some "fizz" to your life and your cocktail menu with the delightful Cranberry Gin Fizz! Simple to make and sure to impress your guests, this festive cocktail tastes as good as it looks! The trifecta of bold cranberry, bubbly "fizz", and clean gin will make any day feel like a Holiday.
a gin drink being poured into a glass with limes on the side and text gin rickey best low calorie cocktail
Gin Rickey Recipe
A Gin Rickey is a light and refreshing highball cocktail that is low in calories but not in flavor. With zero sugar and only three ingredients, it's a quite invigorating and so easy to mix up!
a pink cocktail being poured into a coupe glass
Clover Club Cocktail
The bright pink Clover Club cocktail sure is a treat! The botanical notes of gin combine with the fruity raspberry syrup and tart lemon to create a cocktail that is a delightful classic. An egg white creates a luscious foam that is the "icing on the cake" with each sip!
two glasses filled with different types of alcohol and the words classic negroni on top
Take your happy hour to the next level with a classic Negroni cocktail. Perfect before or after any meal, the trio of equal parts Gin, Campari, and Sweet Red Vermouth in this Italian aperitif will have you asking for another.
a glass filled with water and limes on top of a counter next to a bottle of gin
Gin Gimlet
One of the great gin cocktails, the classic Gin Gimlet is made with lime juice and gin and is refreshing, botanical, and balanced.
two glasses of champagne with the words french 75 make with 4 ingredients
French 75
This French 75, with its easy to find ingredients, is the delicious and chic gin and champagne cocktail you are looking for!
two glasses filled with bee's knees martini on top of a table next to honey
Bees Knees Cocktail
This cocktail recipe is just what the name says it is- the Bees Knees! The Bees Knees cocktail combines gin, honey syrup, and lemon juice to create the perfect combination of lightly sweet, tart, and clean, making it a lovely cocktail for a spring or summer day!