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three books stacked on top of each other with a tissue dispenser
1pc, Tissue Box, Vintage European Style Simulation Book Tissue Box, Home Daily Use Desktop Tissue Storage Box, Suitable For Bedroom, Living Room And Car, Home Decoration, Kitchen Gadgets
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a person holding some tiny things in their hand with lots of them on the table
Miniature digital sets, size 1:12
Miniature digital sets for playing with dolls in a dollhouse or Barbie in 1:12 scale. Decorate your dollhouse or add to your collection, a miniature can be purchased in my store. If you want to know more, follow the link
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Exploring the Artistry Behind Unique Miniatures for Dollhouse Collectors in My Latest Blog Post!
the instructions for how to make an easy wooden chair with wood grains and paper
Paper chair printable PDF 1:12 scale
Craft your own miniature modern chair with this printable PDF template. Explore simple printables for easy paper crafting.
a doll house sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a potted plant
Miniature dollhouse with greengarden, 1:12 scale summer cottage, 100% handmade, gift miniature