Ab Workout Kettlebell
standing ab workout | credit @madfit on tiktok
no crunches, planks, or laying down:) • dumbbell marches • twists • oblique crunches • half circles • wood choppers • dumbbell passes (weights are optional on most exercises)
Standing Abs Workout
Standing Abs workout with dumbbells! No planks or crunches and no getting up and down off the floor 🙌 If you struggle with wrist or neck pain or just want a change of pace, this workout is for you! No nonsense but still sweaty & spicy 🌶️ Do this workout for 3 rounds of 40 seconds work/10 seconds rest. 1️⃣Squat with X Body Crunch • 2️⃣Frankenstein Crunches • 3️⃣Triangle Ab Slides (Both Sides) • 4️⃣Front Kick with Ab Twist • 5️⃣Oblique Knee Drives (Both Sides) • 6️⃣Jack Press *1 minute rest This workout is self guided and up on my app today📲Click the link to start training with me now💪
Strong core series: 5 dumbbell moves that build a STRONG CORE 🤝🔥
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Dumbbell core workout for women 🏋🏼‍♀️
Bye-Bye Belly Fat: Lower Ab Workout for a Toned Core!
Core Workout | Ditch the Crunches & Sit Ups for This
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"🔥 Sculpt your core! Feel the burn with these seated knee to elbow moves! Tap link in bio for a str
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