I am a multi-fasceted Gemini. This board is for my fellow Gemini's and for those trying so hard to understand us :) #gemini #horoscope #astrology
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a black and white photo with the words genniis may not really be how bossy they are
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Fun facts about your sign here
a white poster with the words genius can detach themselves from someone so easily they use this as a defense mechanism to protect themselves
Always....detachment is very easy for me...
an image with the quote genius is pretty easy to read
Love the sexual tension that comes from beginning a relationship as friends.
a poster with the quote gemini may 21 - june 20, 2013 on it
Astrology Online Guide
For sure. I definitely need to work on this... YOUR ASTROLOGY REPORT IS WAITING FOR YOU...
a poem written in black and yellow with the words genni how others see you
Very accurate.
an image with the words genius fact in purple and black, against a black background
an image with the words, you might not be able to make out how a gemini feels about you, as they aren't certain themselves
What can I say!!!
an image with the words fact 25 genni are monogamnous and take their romantic love
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a poster with the names of people in different languages, including words and pictures on it
a quote that reads, i'm a gennii i think day and night about
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