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modern living room with stone fireplace and built in entertainment center, large screen tv on the wall
the shelves are filled with books and vases on top of each other in a white room
a bathroom sink with a large mirror above it and two vases on the counter
@sussurro.co on Instagram. Maxwell Sande commissioned sink sculpture. Mutapo ceramic bath vessels, hand formed earth pot by Amelia Simbine. Loose weave woven ilala piece by Josef Chingueleze. Only ever African made and championed. Buzene bungalow. Sussurro Mozambique, January 2021.
a table with some books on it in the middle of a room next to two windows
Das industrielle Büro
Das industrielle Büro. #office_as_a_service #officedesign #büroindustrial #büroindustrialweiß #büroindustrialvintage #büroindustriallook #büroindustrialdesign #büroindustrialstyle