Basteln weihnachten christbaumschmuck

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a slice of cake on a plate with an apple in the background and a fork next to it
Apfeltorte mit Sahne und Zimt | Backen macht glücklich
4h 0m
a table topped with green candles and christmas decorations
a wooden table topped with lots of candles and christmas decorations on top of it's stand
many different pictures of candles and plants in baskets
Hier meine Ideen für die Adventszeit - Elas Dekoideen
a potted plant with red balls and greenery on the outside of a house
a basket filled with christmas decorations on top of a wooden table next to two candles
Adventskranz für große Tische
a white lantern sitting on top of a christmas tree in front of a wooden door
some candles are sitting on a piece of wood with moss and pine cones around it
three candles sitting on top of a table surrounded by christmas decorations
Dein Adventskranz in 4 Schritten... ganz einfach