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pink drinks lined up on a black tray
Signature drink for funkfest???
there is a pitcher and three glasses with liquid in it on the table next to each other
The Dreamer - Pink Lemonade, Bacardi Rum, Cool Whip, Served with Ice. This could be cute as a signature cocktail if we used regular lemonade so it would be yellow. Not sure it would have much mass appeal though.
a woman holding a pink cocktail in her hand
Signature drink- lemonade libation only come up with a cute name for it. This one was named Chantilly Pink.
three glasses filled with pink liquid and sprinkles
Kiki's List
birthday cake martini- birthday cake vodka , cran jc, top with champagne
a woman in a white dress holding a wine glass with pink liquid on the rim
The Foundry Wedding by Photo Pink
for our vanilla cosmo signature drink- maybe get pink napkins
four glasses filled with pink liquid and topped with raspberries on a white table cloth
1oz. Pomegranate Juice 4oz. Chilled Champagne In a Champagne flute, pour in the pomegranate juice. Top with Champagne Garnish with pomegranate seeds or raspberries if desired. You may also freeze the raspberries a head of time if you want your champagne extra cold.
two wine glasses filled with pink liquid
Pink Wedding
Pink champagne in your glass!
two martini glasses filled with pink liquid and white flowers
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A Signature Drink-Pink White Russian
a tray with drinks on top of it
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from the amazing WedLuxe Wedding Show!
three glasses filled with pink lemonade and strawberries
I love the idea of using mint and strawberries as garnish to pink lemonade.
a pink cocktail with orange garnish in a martini glass on a white background
Cocktail #Tropical #Destination #Wedding
there are some pink cups and bottles on the table with tags that say pot pop
Champagne! POP straws and bottles! Too sweet!
a tray filled with drinks and garnishes on top of each other
Pink Mojito. Signature Drink Ideas
there are many glasses on the tray with pink liquid in them and one is empty
The Foundry Wedding by Photo Pink
signature style calls for a signature drink