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an overhead view of a person sitting at a table with a planter on it
Uniun® modular seating
New Uniun® trapezoid-shaped seating is manufactured from tough polyethelene and comes in multiple finish options, ideal for schools parks and open spaces.
an overhead view of a wooden table with plants growing out of it and some yellow flowers in the middle
Uniun Seating and Planters
a bedroom with blue walls and white bedding
11+ Wonderful Small Apartment Decor Ideas - lmolnar
11+ Wonderful Small Apartment Decor Ideas - lmolnar
a bedroom with a bed, desk and bookshelf in it's corner
For Way Later...
a different idea for the back of the living room
two pictures side by side, one with a chair and the other with an open door
Ikea Hack - partition dressing room - picture only! If anyone knows which website this came from, please add the link! Thank you x
a computer desk sitting next to a book shelf
작지만 알찬 집
눈이 트이는 공간30대 부부와 초등학생 딸이 사는 집. 20평대 주거형 오피스텔로 주방과 거실이 연결되어 있고 아이와 부부 방, 화장실 등의 형태로 이루어져 있다. “넓은 평수가