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Solar Fence Indiegogo News
We are happy to announce that Solar Integrated is resuming the Solar Fence Indiegogo Crowdfundign campaign ! Click on the pin to read more !
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News: P2 Innovative Startup Grant
We've received a 54,000 EUR P2 Innovative Startup Grant from the Slovene Enterprise Fund for the development of the Solar Fence !
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Solar Integrated at the 59th "Home" Construction Trade Fair in Ljubljana
Solar Integrated partnered with Enertec d.o.o.'s 'Moja Elektrarna' to jointly appear at Ljubljana’s 59th “Home” Construction Trade Fair to showcase the Solar Fence concept, while Enertec's 'Moja Elektrarna' showcased their brand-new Solar carpark / overhang. The fair was cut short by the COVID-19 Coronavirus, nonetheless, feedback on the Solar Fence was gathered ! Read all about it by clicking the link on the pin !
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Company Newsletter
October 4th 2019 Company newsletter ! Learn all about Solar Integrated Energy and our mission on our temporary blog! We've decided on blogspot temporarily, to deliver our company news to you. (apologies for our website delays, we're working on it as fast as we can !)
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Company News
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