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several small pieces of fabric sitting on top of a white blanket covered in various patterns
Spiele & Puzzles -
Fühlsäckchen - Motoriksäckchen - Kunterbunt
the supplies are laid out on the table ready to be made into something that looks like clouds
DIY: Memory aus Fühlsäckchen
Hallo ihr Lieben, in unserem Spielzeugregal gibt es etwas neues Selbstgemachtes: ein Set aus Fühlsäckchen. Sie sollen den Windelpiraten zu...
three triangle shaped pouches sitting next to each other
Fühlsäckchen einfach genäht
Tetraeder nähen, Fühlsäckchen
three pieces of fabric sitting on top of each other
Fühlsäckchen einfach genäht
Frutzelei - Meine Kreativwerkstatt: Hühnerparade
a stuffed koala bear is hanging from a tree branch with green leaves in the background
I was working on some koala orders this weekend and learned that September is #SaveTheKoalaMonth, a month to raise awareness about the need to protect these species in the wild and their disappearing habitat. Learn more @aust_koala_foundation. It also happens to be #NationalWildlifeDay! . . . #SaveTheKoala #Koala #stkm2016 #koalas #conservation #australiananimals #australianwildlife #endemicspecies #animallovers #protectwhatyoulove #marsupial #animalart #wildwhimsywoolies
there are many small stuffed animals on the table with each one's own hand
Here's a group shot of all my Aussie animals before I packed them all up.🐨🐊🐧🦈 Thanks so much to everyone who adopted something!💗 I always like taking a group shot as a way of saying farewell to them all. After spending so many hours on them, I kind of get attached.😄 ⠀ Hope your week is off to a lovely start! It's very gloomy and wet here today.☔️ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #wildwhimsywoolies #australiananimals #aussieanimals #animalsofaustralia #koalas #crocodile #wombats #platypus #tasmaniandevil #marsupia
a small toy sloth planter with an air plant in it
Sloth Air Plant Holder, Valentines Day, Small Sloth Planter, Valentine Gift Idea, Small Air Planter, Desk Accessory, Gift for Her - Etsy
Sloth Air Planter, Air Plant Holder, Sloth Planter, Gift for Her, Best of Spring, Home Decor, Mini Planter, Cute Sloth Gift, Desk Accessory
How To Etch Anything Using The Sun
Mini Foldable Book
Fold one piece of paper into a book! Easy foldables template. Fun for kids to make. #itsalwaysautumn #foldables #kidscrafts
some tin cans are being filled with paint and a hand is using a hammer to fix them
Stop throwing out tin cans! Here's a list of 50 wonderful projects to make!
Hang These Simple Tin Can Lanterns with Handles
the instructions to make an upcycling box
DIY in 30 Minuten: Geldbeutel aus Tetra Pack
Tetra Paks fallen zu Hause einfach immer an. Statt Sie in den Müll zu werfen, habe ich ein schöne Idee für euch, wie Ihr Tetra Paks weiterverwenden könnt: einen Geldbeutel aus einem Tetra Pack basteln. Upcycling von Tetra Paks zu Geldbörsen geht schnell, ist einfach und macht eine Menge Spaß. DIY Anleitung | Basteln | Selber machen | Weiterverwenden | Recycling
the instructions for how to make an umbrella stand out of fabric and wood with pictures on it
Reclycleer een oude paraplu tot een handige draagtas! Veel plezier met deze tutorial!
the instructions for how to make an umbrella out of polka dot fabric, and then attach it
Trasformiamo un ombrello rotto in una borsa - Filartelì
Hai un ombrello rotto? Non buttarlo nella spazzatura! Con la tela puoi ricavare a costo zero una borsa impermeabile per la spesa da tenere sempre in borsetta. Dai un'occhiata al tutorial gratuito.