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a duck wearing goggles and swimming in the water with its mouth open to see something
a penguin is walking in the snow with a ski
реакции~по Клинку Рассекающего Демона~♡
a close up of a green snake with a black nose and mustache on it's head
60 vezes que as pessoas deixaram as cobras engraçadas ao desenhar braços nelas
Dieren, Animais, Fotografie, Animaux, Arms, Animales
Snakes With Arms Drawn On Make The World A Better Place
a hamster eating spaghetti from a blue bowl on a white counter top with its front paws in it's mouth
Hamster Eats Noodles
a close up of a dog's face with it's tongue sticking out
Гитлер (@ChingaTuMare)