Vienna and pop music

Vienna is famous for its classical music and the trio of Mozart, Beethhoven and Haydn amongst others but did you know that there is also a more modern thread to…
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Kruder & Dorfmeister · About · Artist ⟋ RA
Kruder & Dorfmeister
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Kruder & Dorfmeister - GoOut
DJs Kruder Dorfmeister
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9 songs inspired by Vienna - Vienna Würstelstand
A good selection with a mixture of English and German with some absolute classics
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Wien, Wien nuer du allein, is more famous in the German version but there are also a few English language versions from Tauber and Tucker. This was the pop music of its day.
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LINDA EDER - "Vienna"
This is a little known tube - great vocal performance
billy & the jols poster with an image of a man singing into a microphone
Billy and The Joels - The American rock star and his German family story
Read the book and discover the reason why Billy Joel wrote his hit Vienna
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Falco - Vienna Calling (Official Video) (VOD)
Mr Vienna - Falco was a superstar who died far too young. Music still sounds great today!
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Goodnight Vienna - John Lennon
This song was made popular by Ringo Starr but John Lennon's version is better!
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How we made Ultravox's Vienna
‘We were extremely arrogant and a bit too prog rock. We wanted to sound like Elgar and Grieg’
the story of the song vienna, ultravox 1897 i the independent
Story of the Song: 'Vienna', Ultravox (1981)
Story of the Song: 'Vienna', Ultravox (1981) | The Independent