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an old black and white photo of children dressed as snowmen
Pierrot & Columbine
Halloween Photos, Carnaval, Cirque, Vintage Costumes, Halloween Memes
Full Sized Image: A LITTLE PIERROT
a woman in a dress is flying through the air
FotoLog - Magazine 2020
f Bard Robes Dancer urban City River Coastal theater casino arena palace
a woman in a pink dress is dancing with her arms spread out to the side
Tagged - The social network for meeting new people
a woman in an orange outfit is doing a dance move on the stage with her legs spread out
The Last Dancer | Dance Lifestyle Shop & Blog
a woman in red is dancing on stage with other dancers behind her and she has one leg up
Artur Shesterikov Артур Шестериков – Ballet: The Best Photographs
the ballerina is in mid air with her arms stretched out
Books and Art
Gypsy Purple Loves.......
Gypsy Purple Loves.......
Gypsy Purple Loves.......
a young boy standing next to a white dog in front of some wine casks
#13 Vintage Crescent
A dog is a man's best friend at any age! via @KaufmannsPuppy
an old photo of a woman with four dogs in front of her and holding a stick
Mumsey after my birth and before she blew it all out with Ann and Mary's tortuous births.
an old photo of three men in costume and one is holding a pole above his head
Well Here Are Some More of the Good Stuff. Please Enjoy Another Group of Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History.
3 High flying circus acrobats pose for a picture in costume in Germany in 1884. One is dressed as a woman and would pretend to be one during the performance showing surprising strength.
an old photo of a child wearing a party hat and holding a ukulele
Edwardian child dressed as a pierrot
Edwardian child dressed as a pierrot by lovedaylemon, via Flickr