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a piece of wood that has some kind of decoration on it
two coffee mugs sitting on top of a wooden table next to a sign that says mr and mrs
Knitting Bliss: Unleashing Your Creativity, One Stitch at a Time
a wooden frame with money and hearts hanging on the clothes pegs in front of it
a box with some money in it and a bride and groom figurine inside
Geldgeschenk zur Hochzeit
a toy car is tied up to a tree trunk with plastic wrap around the top
09.10.2021carly_shively1795329 hat diesen Pin entdecktEntdecke (und sammledeine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Home-made Birthday, Valentine's Day, Valentines Diy, Valentines, Dekorasyon, Manualidades, Fete Des Meres
10 DIY-ideeën voor landschapsarchitectuur die er duur uitzien, maar u duizenden besparen
a framed photo with the word ja and two hearts in black ink on white paper
Geschenke zur Hochzeit
Fotopuzzle als Geldgeschenk zur Hochzeit
a white frame with two hearts cut out of paper and the words der sehne weg istder gegensamme kerstein & anze
a potted plant sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says wunschraumchen
twelve decorated cupcakes in a box with ribbons and tags on them, all labeled with the same name
Hochzeitsgeschenke - mintnmelon
an open wooden box filled with flowers on top of a white wood floor next to a mirror
Kreative Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit: 7 tolle Ideen
a drawing of a couple holding hands with money attached to them
a bag filled with confetti on top of a table
a white frame with a drawing of a car and wine bottles tied to the front
Coole Hochzeits-Geschenkideen zum Selbermachen und Kaufen