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How EMS can identify, help victims of human trafficking
By debunking human trafficking myths, EMS providers can assist the victims they encounter in their own communities
an injured person laying on a stretcher with medical equipment around it's sides
How to manage traumatic amputations and uncontrolled bleeding
EMT and paramedic guidance on how to treat an amputation by controlling severe bleeding with a tourniquet and preserving the amputated body part
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Training hard and fighting easy
Creating an effective tabletop training exercise for pre-planning MCI response
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3 things 'Making a Murderer' can teach EMS about evidence protection
Crime scene preservation tips for EMS from "Making a Murderer"
two police officers wearing face masks and gloves standing in front of a brick building with their hands crossed
3 steps to improve EMS situational awareness, spot danger
The more complex the skill, the more attention it requires; so how do we get work done and still maintain awareness of the whole scene?
When shock is suspected, it's important to identify which stage you're working with Emergency Medical, Personal Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury Claims, Personal Injury, Vital Signs, Airway Management, Lawyer, Wv Car, Mens Tops
Compensated vs. decompensated shock: what you need to know
When shock is suspected, it's important to identify which stage you're working with
an ambulance is parked on the side of the road as emergency personnel stand near it
4 ways to bring order to a chaotic scene
Approaching every scene with calmness, compassion, command presence and code choreography leads to better patient care
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Researcher: Infants needs rescue breaths from bystander CPR
Study shows that “CPR with rescue breathing” is only form of infant CPR associated with good neurological outcomes
three men with masks and gloves on sitting on the front steps of a house while another man holds an oxygen tube to his mouth
Do something different: Why it’s time to question everything about recruitment
EMS is struggling to recruit applicants, but solutions exist: Take these 7 tips from agencies that are succeeding
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How To Stop Excessive Bleeding In A Survival Situation
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Chemical Detection Armband for Fire/EMS Uses | Chameleon®
Simple to use and low cost, Chameleon® chemical detection armband can be used by every firefighter, first responder and EMS professional.