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a diagram showing the different types of transportation in various parts of the world, including trucks and cargo
Inside Infrastructure
The user study: Joseph Veliz, “Terminal Island: Juxtaposed Publics” project in “The Space of Infrastructure” design studio at Woodbury University taught by Curt Gambetta, Spring 2013. Inspired by OMA’s temporal diagrams of their unbuilt project in Yokohama, Japan, Veliz analyzes the use patterns and intensity of different constituencies of a waste to energy facility and its surroundings near the Port of Long Beach, CA. Image courtesy of Joseph Veliz.
an airplane is flying through the air with many buildings around it
a black and white map with several different areas in it, including the city's streets
Urban satellite
a line drawing of buildings and trees in the distance with mountains behind them, all drawn by hand
Paulo David arquitecto
an aerial view of a house with trees on the roof and in the ground below
Oriol Ferrer, Ventura Godoy, Maria Megías, Marc Sánchez > Caño de Hierro | HIC
Ferrer, Godoy, Megías, Sánchez Caño de Hierro | HIC Arquitectura
an aerial view of a park with lots of trees
Gallery of This Copenhagen Diabetes Center Connects Patients to Nature - 12
an aerial view of a building with people walking around it
Presentation Really nice way of graphically illustrating the site in its surroundings