Plätzchen backen

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several pieces of pie on a plate with nuts in the background and one slice missing
some sugared donuts are on a plate
Omas Vanillekipferl Rezept
some cookies are on a black plate with chocolate drizzled over them and the words geuliite zimsterne written in german
Gefüllte Zimtsterne mit Pflaumenmus - Plätzchen zur Weihnachtszeit
1h 0m
an image of some food on a plate
there are many pieces of cake on the plate
two plates with different types of food on them
Zimt Traumstücke für die Adventszeit - Einfach Malene
three pieces of cake sitting on top of a cutting board next to chocolate chips and nuts
Langfinger gesucht oder Espressoküsschen - Zum Kaffee dazu
chocolate covered cookies are stacked on top of each other and drizzled with chocolate
Weiche Kokos Pistazien Makronen Ohne Oblaten
some pink donuts with chocolate drizzled on them and pine cones in the background
Weihnachtenskekse- Punschkekse !
cinnamon rolls in a white bowl with cinnamon sticks next to it on a white table
Zimthörnchen Plätzchen - Emma's Lieblingsstücke
an image of desserts with chocolate and nuts on them in the shape of squares
Einfach konkurrenzlos: Mürbeteig-nuss-würfel (weihnachtsplätzchen)
chocolate covered pretzels and coffee beans on a black table with scattered coffee beans
Espresso Kipferl
pink and white decorated cookies sitting on a plate next to pine cones, napkins and evergreen branches