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crispy baked zucchini chips on a plate with sour cream and parsley
Crispy Baked Zucchini Chips
Crispy Baked Zucchini Chips are a healthy snack or side dish that everyone loves! They're crisp, addictive and so easy to make! #zucchini #vegetarian #appetizer
a chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato on it, sitting next to another sandwich
Buffalo Seitan Sandwich
Vegan, crispy, fried buffalo chicken sandwich. Super healthy? Eh…. Super delicious? Of course! Crispy, spicy seitan with a zing. You can’t go wrong! The homemade seitan makes this protein-packed sammie a cut above the rest.
chicken nuggets on a plate with dipping sauce in the middle and an image of two
Vegan Chick-fil-A style Tofu Nuggets with Vegan Honey Mustard Sauce (Oil-free!)
two plates with different types of food on them and the same plate has sauce in it
Vegan Garlic Buffalo Brussels Sprouts
Vegan Garlic Buffalo Brussels Sprouts - Rabbit and Wolves
a salad with chickpea avocado, cucumber and tomatoes in it
Chickpea Avocado Salad With Feta and Arugula | Lemons + Zest
many different types of food on plates with the words marry me tofu above them
One-pot Marry Me Tofu Recipe - Savory Spin
This One-pot Marry Me Tofu is made by pan-frying tofu and then simmering it in a flavorful and creamy, sundried tomato sauce. Easy, tasty, and quick, this dish is a vegan version of the ever-so-popular Marry Me Chicken.
a bowl filled with rice, meat and veggies on top of a table
Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew - Planted and Picked
a spoon full of chicken and spinach casserole
Marry Me Butter Beans (With Creamy Tuscan Sauce)
Marry Me Butter Beans (With Creamy Tuscan Sauce)