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a dress made out of different colored fabrics
pair of jeans with colorful patchwork on bed
Guess What's Back in Style?
a white sweater with colorful crochet and tassels hanging from it's hoodie
a women's tank top with an image of a horse on it
upcycled t shirt dress
a green dress with red flowers on it sitting next to crayons and markers
Clothing as a spiritual metaphor
four different ties laid out on a table next to a computer keyboard and mouse pad
On the Combining table this week… | Elisabethan
Diy, Collage, Recycling, Upcycle Jeans, Tie Skirt
a woman is leaning against a wall with her hand on her hip wearing a black top with colorful flowers
bold flowers, embellished recycled dress
Altering Clothes, Redo Clothes