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a woman in white lab coat standing next to a horse with her hand on the nose
a woman with a cat on her shoulder working at a computer screen while looking at the monitor
50 Times Vets Encountered The Cutest Pets At Work And Just Had To Take A Picture
a woman standing next to a brown and white horse in a glass case with people looking on
vet med!!
two people are working on something in a room with wood paneling and metal railings
a woman in green jumpsuit standing next to a horse inside an open barn door
a woman in scrubs holding a small dog on her lap while wearing a face mask
a woman in green jumpsuits standing next to some animals and feeding them on hay
Coverall fsrm girl
a purple glove with writing on it in front of a bathroom mirror and people sitting at the sink
Nursing Motivation
a brown and white horse laying on top of a bed next to a stuffed animal
Mommy horse /foal /mare| She’s beautiful mommy , checking on her foal . Poor baby ,glad mom is there for comfort.