Feigen Rezepte // figs recipes

Einfache, köstliche Rezepte mit Feigen. Herzhafte Rezepte mit Feigen und süße Rezepte mit Feigen. // Easy, delicious recipes with figs. Savory recipes with figs…
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figs and other food items are arranged on top of a stone slab with leaves
Feigen-Ziegenkäse-Creme mit Orangen-Vinaigrette - Lissi's Passion
figs with cream cheese and fresh herbs on a cutting board
Baguette mit Ziegenkäse überbackenen Feigen
an uncooked pizza topped with cheese and figs
Flammkuchen mit Feigen & Ziegenkäse
a close up of a plate of food with figs and other foods on it
Tortellini in Feigensauce mit Prosciutto,Grana Padano und Pinienkernen
three small pies on a plate with silverware next to them and some other food items
Ziegenkäse Törtchen mit frischen Feigen - Lissi's Passion
a cake on a plate with figs and other toppings sitting on a table
Feigen -Karamell Torte
a person is decorating a cake on a table
Crostata morbida ai fichi, miele e rosmarino - Deliziosa Virtù
there is a piece of cake with figs on the top and one slice cut out
Ach du schöne Feigenzeit - Feigen-Walnuss-Torte mit Honig-Ziegenkäse-Mousse - mitliebezurtorte
figs with herbs and cheese on a cutting board
Feigen- Ziegenkäse- Muffins - Delicious dishes around my kitchen
a white plate topped with salad covered in meat and veggies on top of a marble table
Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Fig Salad with Arugula
a smoothie in a glass with figs on the side
Fig and Honey Smoothie
figs cut in half and placed on a cutting board next to some other fruit
Dark Chocolate Dipped Figs with Flaky Salt | Crowded Kitchen
small crackers with figs, cheese and greens are on a baking sheet ready to be eaten
Pancetta Crisps with Goat Cheese and Figs - Taming of the Spoon
stuffed eggplant on a wooden cutting board
Roasted Figs with Goat Cheese and Honey - Town & Country Living
two white plates topped with food on top of a wooden table next to silverware
Feigensalat mit Granatapfel-Dressing - Schnelle Rezepte aus meiner Küche