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a close up of a horse's shoe with a sponge on it
Diese Methode hilft dir ein besserer Reiter zu werden!
Dank der Feldenkrais-Methode lernst du dein Pferd besser zu verstehen und gleichzeitig feinere Hilfen zu geben – mehr dazu hier!
there are two pictures showing how to put the tarp on top of the ground
Desensitizing horses: I am helping Sparkles get over her fear of water so I made a big "puddle" for her to walk through! I walked her over the polls after each step so she would be more comfortable when I filled it up with water!
an instruction manual for how to make a glider
building cavaletti jumps
Will need some wooden poles so I can make some cavelettis... all I need for now... whenever actual jumps might come in handy (perhaps towards the end of this year), then I can look into that. Until then, just poles and cavalettis. Simple, the wooden poles from home depot or something.
three different types of wooden posts with measurements for each pole and how to measure them
How to Build a Schooling Standard Horse Jump: 9 Steps
How to Build a Horse Jump 1 Pair Schooling Standard: 6 Steps
a piece of wood sticking out of the sand in front of a wooden fence post
Build Your Own Cavalletti
Build Your Own Cavalletti | Practical Horseman
an empty parking lot with caution cones on the ground
Stangenarbeit: Stangendreieck
Ein Stangendreieck - (Foto: Franziska Goldmann)
an image of two people on horses with the caption'die 10 besten bilder fur den perfekten sitz '
Die besten Tipps für einen perfekten Reitersitz
Cover 10 beste Bilder
an image of two intersecting lines with arrows pointing in opposite directions
So sitzen Reiter im Trab locker aus: Wie Reiter beim Traben sitzen bleiben
9 Übungen für mehr Rittigkeit
an image of a drawing with arrows pointing in different directions
Meine Lieblingsübungen: Zick-Zack mit Volten
an image of a train track with the words ubung 3 - das keeblat
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