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two mushrooms with cats on them and stars in the background
Cottagecore Aesthetic Mushroom Cats
Dreamy psychedelic mushroom cats under a moonlit and starry sky. For the Art, Naturecore, Forestcore, Boho, and Cottage core aesthetic fans. Those who enjoy exploring nature, picking flowers, foraging mushrooms, and cottage life. Perfect choice for fungi and shroom enthusiasts, botanists, fairy, toadstool, and groovy cat lovers.
a black and white drawing of a cat with the words step 22 written below it
How to Draw a Cat (Stretching)
a drawing of a woman standing on a mushroom with flowers in front of her body
GROUNDED | Gold divine feminine art print, Psychedelic mushroom art, Women empowerment
an acrylic painting of mushrooms in the woods
a painting of two people hugging in the center of a colorful vortex with stars and circles around them
an art nouveau painting with a woman in orange and yellow dress on a black background
"FLAPPER : Vintage 1920 Art Deco Beautiful Print" Poster for Sale by posterbobs