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an open book with colorful inks on the pages and writing in german, english and french
Photos Von Ingamade Auf Farben 8FB
an image of children's hats in different colors and sizes, with the words es ist
"es Ist Kalt" Ein Anziehsong Zum Mitsingen 375
the text is written in german and english
an open book with german words and pictures on the page in red, blue, and green
an open children's book with pictures of flowers and plants in german on it
Pin by ingamade on Kita: TEXTE various | Kindergarten songs, Kindergarten portfolio, Kindergarten activities
an apple is drawn on a piece of paper with writing in german, and the words are
a page with an image of a cartoon character on the bottom and words below it
Frau Zunge (MuMo-Gedicht) - Therapiematerial Mundmotorik - madoo.net
a baby is holding his hands up to its face with the words 10 fingerpicle furs baby
Lustige Fingerspiele für Babys und Kleinkinder
the words are written in german and english on a white sheet with an orange border
the words are written in different languages and have been changed to be english or german
a german poem with flowers and the words'friegel truhling auwerkenn '
Fingerspiel - Frühling aufwecken