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a large open room with lots of windows and lights on the ceiling is lit up
Veterinary Storage Solutions, Part 2 -
a horse is standing in an enclosed area
A nice photo of the MeRCuRR horse solarium at Steffen Peters’ barn, Arroyo del Mar😎
a man leading a horse out of an enclosure into the water with another person standing next to it
an empty indoor swimming pool with no people in the room or onlookers
Horse Health: A Hydrotherapy Center in England - STABLE STYLE
two gates open in the middle of a driveway with trees and grass on either side
a kitchen with wooden cabinets and white trash cans on the counter top, is seen through an open door
Elysium Equine | Quinis Design Works
an aerial view of a dog park with a circular building and two dogs walking around
a brown horse standing next to a black and white wall in a room with windows
A Picture Perfect Black & White Barn - STABLE STYLE
the inside of a horse stable with stalls and bars
a horse that is standing on some stairs in a house with white walls and wood flooring
Pony Paradise
two women standing next to each other in front of a brown horse on a stage
two floor plans with different rooms and furniture
Sheppard Robson designs barn-style extension for Edinburgh horse hospital
a white horse is standing in a crate on the floor next to a brick wall