Sideshow Bob

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two cartoon characters one with red hair and the other with orange hair, are facing each other
an animated image of a woman with red hair in front of a crowd at night
Vesti la giubba da Pagliacci - Sideshow Bob - The Simpsons S17E8 - The Italian Bob
an image of a man and woman touching each other's hands with hearts around them
the simpsons characters are depicted in this cartoon
the simpsons character is trying to fix his hair and make it look like he's getting
the simpsons is talking on his cell phone while he's wearing an orange outfit
the simpsons character with red hair is standing in front of a courtroom full of people
the simpsons character is writing on a piece of paper that says stamp, and has dreadlocks in his hair
Actor secundario Bob Die Simpsons, Simpson Tv, Homer And Marge, Comic Book Guy, Simpsons Cartoon
Actor secundario Bob