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an open box with some drawings and colored pencils
had this
multicolored beaded clip clips with metal hooks on each side, set of 6
Friendship Pins in the 1980s - Like Totally 80s
80's...friendship beads for shoes!!
an old fashioned gummy machine with lots of colorful rings on the front and sides
a bowl filled with lots of different colored chocolates
Vitamin Water Banned By the NCAA
Flintstone vitamins - I remember these!
an owl is sitting on a tree branch and another owl is holding a wine glass in it's hand
I'm Remembering!
How many licks? : Tootsie Pops, loved this commercial
a box with an image of a rainbow in the sky and clouds on it's side
Trapper Keepers - Like Totally 80s
Trapper Keeper, i had this exact one
the box is full of colored straws and has an image of a woman on it
I'm Remembering!
Pot Holder Loom
the frog and toad collection is shown in this book, which features an image of a tree
1001 childrens books to read, Kids' Books
I remember these books from when I was a kid
the number seven is shown in this drawing
That "S" thing - I need to show my daughter this
the back side of a black and white box with two red buttons on it's sides
kodak pocket instamatic 20 camera with 110 film inside - kodak pocket instamatic 20 camera with 110 film inside prices & reviews on
had this too
there are two different types of electronic devices on the same page, but one is black and white
110 film - Wikipedia
film cartridge for a Kodak 110 camera
three different types of pops candy on a white background
Those Were the '90s!
whistle pops, my kids get them here at toys r us now too!
an advertisement for the original hungry games featuring elephants and other toy animals, with text overlaying it
Hungry Hungry Hippos Retrospective
hungry, hungry hippos, my kids have it now
three stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a table
Rainbow Brite