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a hand holding up a pair of earrings in front of a field with trees and grass
White Resin Snake Earrings with Glitter
two sea glass bowls sitting on top of a wooden table
Opal Resin, Glow Jewelry, Magical Jewelry, Moon Ring, Stacked Jewelry, Resin Ring, Clear Resin, White Ring, Resin Jewelry
Clear Resin Ring,clear Resin Jewelry,stacking Ring,resin Jewelry Ring,eco Friendly Ring, Iridescent MOON Ring - Etsy
several bracelets with different designs on them sitting on top of a white tablecloth
Harry Styles Inspired Milliefiori Floral Glass Bead Rings - Etsy
four glass bracelets with flowers on them
This item is unavailable - Etsy
two opal rings sitting on top of a white surface
Resin glitter ring - Etsy