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a red dragon sitting on top of a pile of balls of yarn
therarestpepe: “ beeslybee: “ misssophie0-o: “ whats your hoard from iguanamouth ” This is so important to me ” Stuffed animals. I have more than a spoiled 6year old… it’s a problem ”
a woman sitting in a chair knitting with the caption i don't run from my problems
I don't run from my problems. I sit in my craft room, crochet and ignore them like a normal adult
an older woman standing in front of a door wearing a blue sweater and brown pants
a woman with curly hair wearing a green sweater and white skirt smiling at the camera
Berroco® Free Pattern | Paulina
the knitting pattern is shown in pink and white, with an arrow at the center
Вязание спицами. Узоры
a green sweater sitting on top of a mannequin
the back of a woman's sweater with crocheted lace on it and an openwork design
Фото 868789811756 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Я люблю ШЕТЛАНД в ОК
a red and white knitted shawl hanging on a wall
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Yoga Socken Anleitung – Qwant Search
several knitted items are arranged on a wooden table next to a doll's hand
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