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Noun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb Worksheet L.3.1.A by Learners of the World
Context Clues PowerPoint Game by The Kinder Kids | TPT
Long Vowel flashcards (word and decodable sentence on each card) by Faith

English Language Arts

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Find a Partner Cards-K-2 Pick a Partner cards Vowel Teams Word Matching Activity
Find a Partner Cards-K-2 Pick a Partner Cards Short Vowel Word Matching Activity


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2 Digit Addition with Regrouping Practice Worksheets. Includes ten worksheets with 20 problems per page. Use for classwork and homework. You can print one on one side for class addition practice and one on the back for homework addition practice. These worksheets are a great supplement to your math program and work well for small group, whole group, independent work, and for substitute teachers. Digital Resource and Print: Includes an Easel Activity ready for learning with digital tools.


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Social Skills Bingo Game by The Kinder Kids | TPT
This resource kit of geography activities and lessons includes so much to help you teach map skills and geography to 2nd graders, 3rd graders and 4th grade. It includes worksheets, print and go activities, task cards, vocabulary cards, map skills practice and more! #mapskills #geographyforkids #thirdgrade #secondgrade

Social Studies

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If you could use a set of resources that explain interdependent relationships in the the ocean, the desert, and the rainforest (food webs), this resource will help with that. This is a set of three six page flip books that sequences food chain progressions in each respective habitat . #Jackiecrews #generalscience #foodweb #foodchain #biodiversity #elementaryscience #grade2 #grade3 #grade4 #grade5 #Englishlearners


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Test Prep

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Addition and Subtraction Strategy Posters-Fact Fluency and Mental Math by Faith
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens PowerPoint. This was originally a SMARTboard Notebook file, but in revising it has been recreated in PowerPoint so it can be used with other platforms like Google Slides. Includes background knowledge, including information on the author, workhouses, the treadmil...


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New Year’s

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Waxed paper/crayons
Robert Indiana inspired finger paint


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Limerick Poems - How to Write Limericks Templates and Easel Digital Activity
St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages Dot Marker by The Kinder Kids | TPT
Directions: Count the four-leaf clovers in each box to find the sum.

St Patrick’s

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Memorial Day

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Mother’s Day

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Father’s Day

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July 4th

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the recess queen character tarts bundle with text and pictures for each student to use
Novel Studies Character Traits Activities Bundle - Roald Dahl and E.B. White
Roald Dahl and E.B. White Novel Study Bundle for teaching character traits and physical traits of characters! A wide variety of differentiated character triats activities are included! #roalddahl #novelstudies #charactertraitsactivities #thebfg #thewitchesbyroalddahl #fantasticmrfox #matilda #charlotttesweb #charactertraits1stgrade #insideoutsidetraits #characteranalysis #charactertratisgraphicorganizers #charactertraitsforsecondgrade #charactertraitsforthirdgrade
Literacy Center Signs Editable Objectives
Ready for a classroom makeover? These editable Center Signs with objectives are not only perfect for back-to-school decor but also emphasize the significance of play in learning. Create a fun and engaging environment for your students today!
Use this bundle of 7 products to decorate your classroom and enhance the curricula. All of the products boast a coordinated blue and beige theme. This allows you to create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. Buy the bundle and save 30%! #classroomdecor #backtoschool #alphabetposters #placevalue #growthmindset #desknameplates #classroomsigns #classroomlabels #calendar #birthdaydisplay #decorbundle #teacherresources #posters #bulletinboards #welcomesigns #3rdgrade #4thgrade #5thgrade
the 6th grade math task cards bundle with instructions for students to use them on their notebooks
6th Grade Task Cards BUNDLE Common Core {320 Cards Skills Practice & Word Problems }. Perfect for math assessments, math stations or math homework. Topics: Expressions, Equations, Ratios and Rates, Multiply & Divide Fractions, Operations with Decimals, Converting Measurements 6th Grade Middle School Math Common Core 6NS, 6EE, 6RP, 6G, 6SP
a poster with an arrow pointing to the text that says, self checking for 3d shapes
2D and 3D Shapes Task Cards with QR Codes
Self-checking 2D & 3D shapes vocabulary QR code center! Math & technology center. Read clues, infer the described shapes, record, and self-check with QR codes. Each QR code links to a labeled photograph of the correct 2D or 3D shape. Supports ELLs & visual learners, & lets energetic students move while completing a meaningful task! Perfect for iPad classrooms or BYOT & BYOD schools! 2D & 3D shapes vocab: circle cube cylinder hexagon octagon pentagon rectangle sphere square triangle #Teachering
a poster with words and pictures on it
Master Context Clues with Anchor Charts
Explore engaging activities and anchor charts to teach context clues effectively in upper elementary and middle school classrooms. 📚✏ #ContextClues #ReadingSkills
an animated short is shown on a computer screen with the title teaching cause and effect with the animated short
Teaching Skills with Halloween Animated Shorts
Watch these classroom-friendly Halloween animated shorts with free activities to teach reading skills.
a poster with words written on it and a bed in the middle, which reads spice up your writing order
Spice up your students' writing by creating a graffiti board and a tired words board. Read all about it.
the french language project with pictures and text on it
LA SUISSE - un projet français
Are you looking for a way to further engage your Core French Secondary school students in their learning? Here’s an ideal activity for them! This is a no prep, easy to implement internet activity which focusses students on researching "la Suisse"! 2 versions are included in this printable resource which allows for differentiated learning. Your students will get great practice in their reading comprehension skills while learning about this amazing Swiss country! You pick the presentation format!