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there are two wooden shelves with plants in them on the wall next to each other
68 Amazing Decorating Shelves - 8 Tips for Decorating | - Fitness GYM
a white frame with two keys hanging on it
good idea
three framed photos are hanging on the wall
Good Things for Destination Weddings
DIY: Use the tourist map from the place you visited and then put the most memorable picture from the trip
two glass bowls filled with wine corks next to each other
Wine Cork Candle Holder - Two Twenty One
old wine corks
there is a framed photo with the words admit one on it and many other pieces of paper
Foursided | Custom Framing, Vintage, Cards & Gifts
Make this for all your concert, baseball & football tickets... rather than throw away, this is a great way to display! slit at the top to drop in more tickets as the years go on! Love this idea! Would be so much fun to look back on after so many years to see what you did.
the laundry room is clean and ready for us to use
The Lakeside Collection
Laundry Room Wall Hangings
some white shelves with plants and pictures on them in the corner of a living room
DIY Floating Corner Shelves
DIY: floating corner shelves
a black and white photo of flowers in a chanel bottle with the label on it
Jak&Jil - A moda está em tudo
DIY CHANEL no 5 Vase white roses so chic elegant easy
a bed with lots of books stacked on top of it next to a wall lamp
DIY Book Headboard -
DIY Book bedhead.
two vases filled with flowers on top of a wooden table next to each other
centerpiece idea!
an outdoor bar made out of pallets and wine glasses on the side of a house
Pallet wood & pavement tiles!
there is a potted plant next to some candies in a glass container on the table
Sommerliche Tischdeko
a table topped with lots of bubbles and drinks
balloons as bubbles