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an image of blue flowers on white paper
Best of Behance - Famous Last Words
blue and pink art print with geometric shapes on it's back side, against a white background
Doodle Pattern - Pink and Electric Blue Art Print by Crafty Lemon
a black and white floral pattern with flowers on the left side, in full bloom
Fleurs fond noir à imprimer et colorier gratuit -
an abstract blue and white pattern with circles, dots, and flowers on it's surface
pink and blue leaves on an orange background
Katja Ollendorff
a blue and white wallpaper pattern with circular shapes on it's surface,
the pattern glossary app is open and shows different patterns, colors, and sizes
Glossary of Design Terminology: 27 Patterns | Reality Daydream
a blue and white floral wallpaper with large flowers on the bottom half of it
Katharine Watson 2014-2015 Wholesale Catalog