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Girl champs are pretty creative. Send me your "G" and I'll post it: info@girleffect.org.
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a woman holding up a drawing of a girl with a g on it's chest
Photo by: Samantha Brown. #girleffect
there are many different colored bracelets on the table
Photo by: Kelsey Elise Vanden Hoek. #girleffect
a woman holding up a piece of paper with the letter c on her left hand
Photo by: Shu Ann. #girleffect
an assortment of cosmetics and hair products on a counter top, including brush, comb, soap, nail polish, and other items
Photo by: Kristin Ehrecke. #girleffect
white rice on a wooden cutting board with the letter c
Photo by: Renée Motheral Clugston. #girleffect
Photo by: Anne-Marie Parnell. #girleffect Bikinis, Fashion, Anne, Undergarments, Girl
Photo by: Anne-Marie Parnell. #girleffect
a circle of cards sitting on the floor in front of a tile flooring area
Photo by: Ann Kucharczyk. #girleffect
a white bowl filled with rice on top of a wooden table
Photo by: Terry Byrnes. #girleffect
a young boy holding up a sign with an arrow on it in front of him
Photo by: Elizabeth Poague. #girleffect
the letter g is made up of marbled metal and it looks like an old fashioned font
Photo by: Beth Riegger. #girleffect
a circle made out of wooden blocks on top of a hard wood floor with a red object in the middle
Photo by: Lori Skagen Mehen. #girleffect
a drawing of a woman's face with arrows coming out of her head and the letter g above her head
Photo by: Sarah Harvey. #girleffect
a drawing of a person jumping in the air
Photo by: Sarah Harvey. #girleffect
several different colored pencils arranged in the shape of a circle on a wooden floor
Photo by: Jen Violet Miller. #girleffect
the floor is made up of several bottles
Photo by: Jen Violet Miller. #girleffect