Summer Mocktails

Summer means it's time for summer mocktails and non-alcoholic summer drinks. Healthy mocktails for summer that are easy to make and always alcohol-free!
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two glasses filled with lemonade and garnish next to flowers on a marble surface
Pink Mocktail Recipe! Perfect Baby Shower Mocktail
The virgin pink cocktail recipe is perfect for your baby shower, or add this to the menu as your perfect Valentine’s Day mocktail recipe! It’s a mocktail recipe with guava that is sure to impress those living the alcohol-free lifestyle or anyone choosing not to drink tonight
a martini with blue flowers in it and the words virgin grapefruit martini on top
Grapefruit Mocktail Recipe
This mocktail recipe with grapefruit is perfect to add to your Sober October recipes list! This is a non alcoholic drink for a crowd that serves up nutrients instead of headaches.
two drinks with strawberries and oranges on a wooden tray next to an orange slice
Alcohol Free Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe
Are you looking for a low sugar mocktail recipe? Then this virgin strawberry daiquiri recipe is perfect for you! A healthy refreshing drink for those lazy summer afternoons!
the easy lemon mocko cocktail is ready to be served
Virgin Lemon And Mint Cocktail Recipe
Are you looking for the best Sober October recipes? Then you will love this lemon and mint drink recipe! This lemon mocktail recipe is delicious and the mint makes it a perfect healthy mocktail recipe
a healthy raspberry lemonade drink with fresh fruit and mint garnish
Healthy Freshly-Made Raspberry Lemonade Recipe
Looking for an easy raspberry lemonade recipe made from fresh fruit? You’ve found it! This healthy sugar-free raspberry lemonade recipe is a low-sugar mocktail recipe you’ll love. Make this today, or add it to your Sober October recipes list
two glasses filled with orange and raspberry cocktail next to an orange slice on the side
Easy Tequila Sunrise Mocktail Recipe
Looking for an easy virgin tequila sunrise recipe? You’ve found it! This nonalcoholic tequila sunrise recipe is a healthy alcohol alternative you’ll love. Make this today, or add it to your Sober October recipes list
two glasses filled with mango mojits next to sliced fruit
Mango Mojito Recipe Non-Alcoholic
Looking for a fruity mocktail recipe for summer? You’ve found it! This is one of the best virgin mojito recipes because it’s made with fresh, healthy ingredients. Mix up this healthy virgin mango mojito mocktail for yourself or a crowd
pineapple mocko cocktail with lime and mint garnish in a glass on a white background
Easy Virgin Pineapple Cocktail Recipe
Looking for a healthy nonalcoholic pineapple cocktail recipe? You’ve found it! This is one of the best nonalcoholic pineapple drink recipes because it’s made with fresh, healthy ingredients. Enjoy this tropical mocktail recipe year-round, or add it to your Dry July recipes list!
two glasses filled with pink lemonade on top of a table
Sparkling Pink Drink Recipe
This sparkling rose lemonade is the perfect pink drink recipe for you next special occasion. It's an easy mocktail recipe to make at home.
two glasses filled with homemade strawberry lemonade
Healthy Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Recipe
Is there anything that screams “summertime” more than this easy homemade strawberry lemonade recipe? Made with fresh fruit, this healthy strawberry mocktail recipe is perfect for one or for a crowd! Top yours off with a beautiful strawberry drink garnish and this summer party beverage will be the talk of the town
Non-Alcoholic Martini Recipe Grapefruit | Virgin Drinks Recipe Grapefruit - The Mindful Mocktail
Are you looking for a non-alcoholic martini recipe? This mocktail recipe has a lovely balance of grapefruit and rosemary, making it a sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktail. Learn how to make this mocktail that is easy, non-alcoholic and perfect for pregnancy. #mocktails #grapefruit #virgindrinks #nonalcoholiccocktail
two glasses filled with raspberry margaritas on top of a white marble counter
Easy Virgin Raspberry Margarita Recipe
This is the alcohol free frozen margarita recipe you’ve been looking for! Made with fresh raspberries, this is a healthy virgin margarita recipe that will leave you feeling refreshed the next day, not hungover. This easy frozen virgin margarita recipe is the best summer mocktail for kids and adults alike
a glass with lemonade and limes on it next to some cut up fruit
Easy, Healthy Passionfruit Mocktail Recipe For Summer
Are you looking for the perfect alcohol free cocktail for summer? This alcohol free passionfruit cocktail recipe is exactly what you’re looking for. Made with coconut water, fresh passionfruit, lime and soda water, this is a fresh, healthy mocktail recipe for summer is a perfect alcohol-free drink recipe for a party or just to enjoy yourself. The sweetness also makes it a perfect summer mocktail for kids!
Easy Strawberry Mocktail Recipe
These easy, healthy strawberry mocktails are the perfect non alcoholic cocktail for pregnancy and your sobriety. Made with fresh muddled strawberries, cucumber, mint and lime, they can be made for 1 or in a pitcher for a crowd.
Ginger Mojito Mocktail Recipe
This easy ginger mojito mocktail recipe with mint, lime and cucumber is healthy and cleansing. It's the perfect virgin drinks recipe for 1 or a crowd, and can be made in a pitcher.