The Mindful Mocktail

Easy mocktail recipes and healthy virgin drinks for one or a crowd. Non-alcoholic cocktails for pregnancy, kids and your sobriety.
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strawberry basil mocko cocktail in a glass with lime and strawberries on the side
Strawberry Basil Sparkling Mocktail
An easy, resfreshing and healthy strawberry, basil mocktail recipe perfect for kids, pregnancy and non-drinkers!
easy and tasty dragonfruit delight smoothie recipe on a white plate with pink flowers
Dragonfruit Delight Mocktail
Super easy dragonfruit mocktail recipe that kids will love! This dragonfruit delight mocktail is also perfect for pregnancy. Just blend it and it's ready!
two glasses filled with orange and red liquid
Sunrise Mocktail (The Mindful Mocktail)
This delicious sunrise mocktail takes only 5 minutes to make! This mocktail recipe is so easy to make, tastes absolutely divine and is great for non-drinkers, kids and pregnant women!
the best strawberry lemonade recipe is made with fresh strawberries and served in glasses
The Best Strawberry Lemonade Recipe (Mocktails)
This homemade strawberry lemonade has only 4 simple ingredients, is incredibly delicious and makes the most perfect mocktail recipe for non-drinkers, pregnant women and kids!
the margarita cocktail is garnished with lime
Easy Margarita Mocktail Recipe (Frozen or Chilled)
Make this classy virgin drink any day of the week and serve it frozen or chilled! Delicious easy margarita mocktail recipe for non-drinkers and pregnant women!
grapefruit and rosemary mock cocktail in glasses with lemons on the side, text overlay reads grapefruit + rosemary mock
Grapefruit Rosemary Mocktail (Mocktails)
A sparkling, refreshing grapefruit mocktail with rosemary syrup! Great non-alcoholic drink recipe for summer and winter. Non-drinkers will love this yummy grapefruit mocktail!
a lemon cocktail with mint garnish in a glass next to sliced lemons
Lemon Mocktail With Mint (Mocktails)
This refreshing, non alcoholic lemon mocktail with mint is so healthy and simple to make. It is made with coconut water and makes the most delicious brunch mocktail!
an alcoholic cocktail in a glass with lime and flower garnish
Easy Passionfruit Sparkler (Mocktails)
Easy, delicious passionfruit mocktail is so easy to make, it's a refreshing, healthy drink recipe for everyone - including non drinkers, pregnant women and kids!
Try this yummy irish cream today with this non-alcoholic Baileys holiday mocktail recipe. Irish Cream Drinks, Homemade Baileys Irish Cream, Baileys Irish Cream Recipes, Baileys Drinks, Holiday Mocktail, Irish Drinks, Gluten Free Milk, Baileys Recipes
Virgin Baileys Recipe (Mindful Mocktail)
Try this yummy irish cream today with this non-alcoholic Baileys holiday mocktail recipe. A perfect drink when you're going alcohol free.
an easy virgin mary drink with limes and garnish on the rim, served in a tall glass
Healthy Virgin Bloody Mary Recipe
Are you looking for a bloody mary recipe without alcohol? Then look no further! This is not just a healthy and delicious drink recipe, it is also a super easy virgin drink to make!
grapefruit mocko cocktail in a glass garnished with fresh herbs
Grapefruit Mocktails With Thyme
Are you looking for an easy grapefruit mocktail recipe? This virgin drink is refreshing, simple to make and looks just gorgeous. It's a perfect non-alcoholic cocktail for baby showers, special occasions and sunny weekends.
two glasses filled with pomegranate and limeade cocktails
Pomegranate Mojito Mocktails
These easy virgin moijtos with pomegranate, mint and lime are perfect for any occasion, especially Christmas and the holidays! Make this easy virgin drink with soda water or ginger beer and wow your guests.
a green smoothie with kiwis and mint on the side
Easy Avocado Mocktails
Make these avocado smoothie mocktails at home for a delicious, healthy treat. As easy as blend and serve, these non-alcoholic cocktails can be made for 1 or a crowd.
Frozen Flower Ice Cubes
Learn how to make these easy ice cubes with edible flowers at home to add a touch of class to any drink. Using DIY ice sphere moulds, these frozen flowers create a beautfiul aesthetic
3 ingredient virgin daiquias with strawberries and oranges on the side for garnish
Virgin Daiquiri Recipe With 3 Ingredients
Want to know how to make an easy virgin daiquiri? This frozen strawberry mocktail recipe has only 3 ingredients and is both healthy and delicious! It's a perfect summer drink for all ages.