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a black and white drawing of a barn in the snow
jenny wildfang
Jenny Wildfang 2011 42 x 59,4
an image of a painting of some houses in the day time scene with birds flying around
Egon Schiele• Austrian Artist 1890-1919 Title of work ‘Farmhouses’ and painted in 1907. Translucent watercolor and opaque white. Everyone knows his work. His portraits are immediate standouts but like...
a drawing of a house on top of a hill with people walking up the side
Egon Schiele, uma descoberta através de Mário Vargas Llosa em "Os cadernos de don rigoberto". Ler esse livro (encontrado ao acaso na casa de praia) abriu um novo capítulo na minha vida.
an image of a drawing of a building
Dallas Museum of Art
Front View of a Building (Krumau House) | Dallas Museum of Art
a drawing of a house in the snow with a fence around it and two birds perched on top of the roof
Jeffrey Seth
workman: 2-crowes: Egon Schiele
a black and white drawing of a building
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Egon Schiele Gabled Houses at Krumau - 1917 Chalk