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a white coffee cup with black designs on the inside and sides, sitting on a table
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Hand Decorated/Drawn Mug-Coffee-Tea-Mandala/Zentangle Design
a blue and white circular design on a white background
Energize it Ocean White
Energize It Ocean White Mandala by Jane Snedden Peever
a blue and black drawing on wood
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Mandala Canvas Painting by CanvasesNCrafts on Etsy
some pens are laying on top of a doily that is decorated with blue and gold designs
Mandala by MagaMerlina, via Flickr ~ The dark background really sets off the inks #art_journal
a watercolor drawing of a flower on a blue and green background with white dots
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Turquoise Om Mandala Watercolor Painting Om by TheHappyYogi
a spiral notebook with a drawing of a flower on the front and back cover, sitting on a desk
Mandalas have been used in Eastern traditions as a way to help promote concentration and the revealing of inward thought, each layer represents a more hidden layer of the self.
a watercolor painting with an orange and purple flower on the center, surrounded by dots
Art Prints & Printed Wall Decor | Society6
Sunset Watercolor Mandala Art Print by Aterkaderk | Society6
a blue and white wall decal with an intricate design in the center, on a gray background
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Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker Mandala Ornament Lotus Flower Yoga Namaste Indian Decor Meditation Art Bedroom Yoga Studio Boho Wall Art Decor
a spiral notebook with an intricate design on it
an adult coloring book with colored pencils next to it and a flower design on the cover
STABILOPhilippines on Instagram: “Make your Mandalas Colorful by using STABILO #Point88 Thanks @art.melody for sharing this awesome work ”
a notebook with an intricate world map drawn on it
now :)
This would be a cool map to hang on my wall. Just for decoration, because it doesn't really tell were things are.
a notebook with a red pen on top of it
Sketchbook : Mandalas #113-#144
Sketchbook : Mandalas #141 @