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someone is stitching an embroideded canvas sneaker with sewing threads
12 June DIYs - Design Crush
DIY embroidered canvas sneakers
a wicker chair sitting in front of a painting
Use This IKEA Hack to Update Your Classic Rattan Chair
IKEA hacks FTW — forever and always.
an old pair of jeans with holes in the back pocket that have been ripped open
FP Blog: Style, Beauty + Lifestyle Inspiration
70's, free spirit, fashion, hippie, boho, boho-chic, inspiration, womens fashion, clothing, idea, high street, designer, free people @klanehenson ❁
the crochet spa bath mat is made with yarn
How To Crochet A Bath Rug with Rope
Free Pattern - Mama In A Stitch Rope Crochet Bath Mat!
a white and brown vase sitting on top of a table
Concrete DIY: How to Make a DIY Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube
How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube. Perfect for flower arrangements or succulents! #concretediy #diy #botanicaldiy #vases #moderndecor
three different pictures showing how to make a circular mirror
Starting (warping) a circular loom | The Weaving Loom
How to warp a circular loom for weaving
a hand is holding a skein of yarn in front of a white background with the ball being held up
Dyed Cotton Recipes || Part 2 | The Weaving Loom
How to dye cotton and get beautiful pastel colors
three skeins of yarn sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
More Cotton Dyeing | The Weaving Loom
Dyeing string with Kool-aid
handmade gifts for the knitter in your life
6 Handmade Gifts to Cozy up a Home | The Weaving Loom
6 handmade gift tutorials. I can't wait to make one of these!
three different colored candles sitting next to each other on top of a table in front of a white wall
DIY: Concrete votives
DIY concrete votives by monsterscircus
there is a keychain on the table next to some flowers and other items
DIY Embroidered Keychain | Enthralling gumption
Missing your keys all the time, now you won't have to with this fun and easy to make embroidered keychain. Happens to also make a great gift for all times
a basket filled with yarn next to a potted plant on a window sill
13 Weaving Projects to Welcome Colder Temps
You don't even need a loom to create a few of these cute and cozy projects.
three different colored pom poms on a white surface
Weave This || Make Your Own Pom Curtain Tie Back | The Weaving Loom
Make your own pom pom curtain tie back!
a blue dress with white tassels on it
Weave This || Make Your Own Macrame Curtain Tie | The Weaving Loom
Make your own macrame curtain tieback!