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an artisticly designed building in the middle of water
bjarke ingels group + barcode architects to build floating 'sluishuis' in amsterdam
three different views of the same building with trees and people walking on it, one in front
Gallery of Vo Trong Nghia Proposes Green City Hall for Bac Ninh City - 6
Vo Trong Nghia Proposes Green City Hall for Bac Ninh City,Courtesy of Vo Trong Nghia Architects
an architectural model of a building with green lights on the top and bottom floors, in front of a white background
Bjarke Ingels Group
BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group
several people are playing in the water fountain
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Jeppe Hein's interactive water feature "Appearing Rooms" outside the Royal Festival Hall in London; Walls of water rise and fall randomly to create a series of constantly changing 'rooms.' Visitors often getting splashed in the process; photo by aka Jon Spence, Flickr
an outdoor garden is shown with water and plants
Sunken water garden in the middle of the Barbican, opened 1982.
an artistic view of the city at night with lights on and water flowing over it
Water Gardens :: Fort Worth, Texas
Water Gardens, Fort Worth, Texas-first time I even saw this was in the movie "Logan's Run".I went there often when I lived in Dallas
a large body of water with many lines in it
Ley de compleción. María alberola
a glass box with fire in it on the beach
ryleyd // strathcona
Fire in a box. Tanapol Kaewpring, 2010.
several people are standing on concrete steps in the water
Public water garden, Fort Worth, Texas, 1974. Architects: Philip Johnson + John Burgee (photograph from National Geographic, April 1980)
an aerial view of a city with green and blue lines on the map, as well as text
AUTONE - Urban planner who makes his maps look like art pieces ! Amazing !
an artist's rendering of a city on the water with lots of trees and buildings
High resolution renderings (showcase)
High resolution renderings (showcase) - Page 47 - SkyscraperCity
the plot of interest is shown in black and white, as well as an image of circles
Urban satellite
Urban satellite_From fragments to centrality_Alexander Daxböck
an aerial view of a city with lots of blue and orange buildings on it's sides
MoMA Rising Currents Quilted map
a black and white photo of an art sculpture with water pouring out of it's sides
I love how the geometric shapes are almost in a mess but with the function to conduct water.